What is IPT?

Indonesian Proficiency Test is a comprehension test which assesses all aspects  of Indonesian proficiency.
Test Components:

Listening, Reading, Usage oral Interview (optional), Essay writing (optional)


Measures ability to understand spoken Indonesian in various social contexts. The skills tested include listening for details, main idea, understanding intonation, functions of structures, etc.

Structure and Written Expression

Measures ability to recognize a range of Indonesian gammatical structures (language) appropriate for standard writen indonesian.

Measures ability to understand various types of reading, material. The skills tested include scanning, skimming, identifying, referents, using context to guess meaning, etc.

Oral Interview
Measures general oral language proficiency with respect to context and language function.

Essay Writing
Measures the ability to write in bahsa indonesia in response to an assigned topic.

Why take the IPT?

  • To measure expatriates’ proficiency in Indonesian language (BIPA)
  • Requirement for taking advanced bahasa indonesia course
  • Requirement for ISP – indonesian for special purposes


  • Register before the scheduled tes or go show
  • Personal identification (KIMS/ Passport)

Fee :

  • IPT Standard Rp 500.000,-
  • IPT + Oral Interview)

Essay writing Rp 250.000,-